Our Mission

To protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain and the quality of its materials.

About Us

Rx-360 has been dedicated to pharmaceutical supply chain excellence since 2009. Our nonprofit consortium is led by manufacturers and suppliers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who volunteer to enhance the security of pharmaceutical supply chains. Together, we work to ensure that quality and authenticity are valued above all else.

The global distribution of both drug components and finished products is a top public health concern with respect to consumer safety, and this industry faces many complications that have yet to be resolved. Unethical players and noncompliant companies along the supply chain can introduce counterfeited, adulterated and contaminated materials, often with tragic consequences. Threats to supply chains have not only prevented some patients from receiving treatments they need, but have also caused the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of individuals.

As regulators, pharmaceutical executives, supplier executives and members of professional organizations, our ultimate mission is to serve patients. Millions of people around the world are treated everyday with the vital medicines that we collectively provide. It is imperative that these vital medicines can be trusted by health care practitioners and patients. Therefore, we want to ensure that supply chains are secure and reliable so that the quality medicines and materials are delivered correctly.

Legislators, regulators and other organizations around the world are developing and implementing local measures to ensure quality supply chains and mitigate health concerns that arise from poor supply chain management. Our global consortium complements these efforts, striving to achieve a consistent and quality supply chain worldwide.


“Rx-360 provides a venue for its member companies to collaborate with industry experts in developing effective and innovative quality and supply chain solutions that improve patient safety while meeting regulatory expectations.  Rx-360’s ultimate objective is to share these innovative solutions with the global health care industry to increase product integrity of the health care supply chains across the globe.”

Gwyn Murdoch, Senior Director of Quality Operations, Exelead, Inc.

In support of our mission to develop and implement enhanced quality systems and processes worldwide and to help our members ensure product quality and authenticity throughout their supply chains, our consortium may undertake the following activities:

  • Development of voluntary standards for the quality and authenticity of supplies and suppliers
  • Development and implementation of audit standards and auditor training and certification regarding the quality and authenticity of supplies and suppliers
  • Joint development of technologies to enhance the quality and authenticity of supplies
  • Development and implementation of a method for exchanging among members’ public information regarding the quality and authenticity of supplies and suppliers and non-public information regarding the quality and authenticity of supplies and suppliers that could adversely impact patient health or welfare
  • Adoption of a seal for use by members that meet the consortium’s standards