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“I’m one of the chairs of the data integrity work group. And the big benefit again is kind of working with experts in the industry. So from the data integrity perspective, we have a true global subject matter experts participate in this working group work, meet with them on a biweekly basis, become friends with many of them, some of the benefits behind that, in addition to those friendships and gaining that is being able to work with the team to create resources and tools to help not only my company, Eli Lilly and Company, but all of the Rx-360 colleagues globally.”

Jim Henderson, Eli Lilly and Company

Templates & Tools

Selection and GMP Auditing of Software and Hardware Vendors

December 7, 2022

The Data Integrity Working Group of Rx-360 members has generated an addendum to the previously issued GMP Audit Manual, Data Governance and Data Integrity which provided an approach for GMP auditing and self-assessment of pharmaceutical […]