Supply Chain Security Steering Committee

The Supply Chain Security Steering Committees goal is to identify common gaps in the supply chain.

Audit Operations

The Audit Operations Group provides guidance on all aspects of the Rx-360 Audit Program. The Group routinely discusses topics and best practices associated with pharmaceutical auditing.

Data Integrity

Failures in data governance and data integrity have plagued the industry for over 15 years. The US FDA, European inspectorate, and WHO have enforced such actions in the US and Europe including countries such as India, China, and Japan.

Latin America

This working group will concentrate on educational workshops in Spanish- speaking countries around GDPs & GMPs as well as supply chain issues specific to Latin America.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Rx-360 Member companies working together to share best practices on how we approach cell and gene therapy suppliers while still in the clinical phase.

SCS Legislative Guidances

Guide the identification, interpretation, and application of legislative guidances and requirements associated with the handling of counterfeit, diverted, tampered, and stolen pharmaceutical products.

Africa & Middle East

This Group develops educational materials for use in Africa, to educate distributors in supply chain security.

Supplier Quality

The Supplier-Led Working Group is an Rx-360 working group consisting of members from both pharmaceutical companies and leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry.

SCS European Expansion

The Europe group will focus on supply chain security in the European region.

SCS Logistics Security

Logistics incidents that are security related involving pharmaceutical product which could eventually aid in the diversion, missing drugs, human smuggling, lost shipments, last mile courier thefts (opportunistic crimes) and other security related events in order to generate ideas resulting risk mitigation measures pertaining to pharma product.

Asia Pacific & India

The Asia Pacific & India Working Group develops a vibrant network of regional/global companies, protects patient safety by sharing critical information, contributes to current Rx-360 workstream outputs with information specific to these regions, and influences regional regulatory activities to improve the transparency and integrity of the supply channels to protect patient health regionally and globally.

Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Sub Team

The Rx-360 SAQ covers standard information that would be included in most supplier assessment questionnaires.