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Rx-360 has a mission to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes to improve the integrity of the health care supply chain and the quality of materials within the supply chain.

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Listen in each month, as leaders in the pharmaceutical ecosystem have thoughtful conversations about the positive changes being made for patient safety. Learn more about our podcast, or watch our episodes.


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  • EPISODE 6: Interview with Ann Jordan, CEO of ASQ

    Listen in on the conversation between Fries and Jordan on recent changes in quality management since the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected the pharmaceutical industry. See the episode.


    Listen in on the conversation between Fries and Eban on her investigation into the criminal underbelly of generic drug manufacturing that eventually led to writing her best-selling book, Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom. See the episode.


    Listen in on the conversation between Fries and Verbois on how collaboration, communication, and innovation are the keys to improving supply chain security. See the episode.

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In Rx-360's Supplier-Led Working Group, both pharmaceutical and supplier members share perspectives and work collaboratively to achieve greater efficiencies in the supply chain and to better serve patients in the long-term.
To learn more: https://rx-360.org/work-group/supplier-quality-working-group/


Remote audits continue to evolve as the industry continues to adopt best practices. Understanding growing issues on the supplier and manufacturer sides position remote auditing to continue growth and utilization for the long term.
Visit: https://rx-360.org/remote-auditing-library/

Don't forget to register to the Rx-360 Patient Safety Conference this September in Washington DC. Visit: https://rx-360.org/conference-2023/ to register today!

“My company has made significant use of the joint audit program over the last few years. The continuous improvement initiatives by Rx-360 around the joint audit program have become very evident over the past 12 months. In addition, as a member of the consortium, we have been able to utilize the "audit credits" benefit generated from previously sponsored joint audits to significantly reduce our out-of-pocket cost of audits we have co-sponsored or licensed this year!”
Rob Smith, Supplier Quality Audit & Compliance
Rx-360 is like an active "neighborhood watch" group that focuses on keeping the supply of medical products safe for patients worldwide. I am thankful that my company and so many of our peer and supplier companies are committed to working together on Rx-360's supply chain security mission on behalf of our patients!
Eric Berg, Director of Quality Assurance
Amgen, Inc.
Rx-360 brings valuable networking and education opportunities to my organization that operates in over 100 locations around the world, deeply involved with supply chain integrity and regulatory compliance for inbound and outbound to manufacturing and direct to patient distribution. Especially, our employees who volunteer in some of Working Groups such as Africa GDP, Data Integrity, and Medical Device reap many benefits that help the with their own professional growth, but also being able to contribute to the company with fresh knowledge and best practices.
David Bang, CEO
Remote Auditing has become part of the norm for many suppliers within the pharmaceutical industry. Being able to maintain audit quality while simultaneously being aware of the ever changing landscape becomes more important every day. Rx-360, through their member initiatives surrounding remote auditing, have captured the viewpoint of the supplier and set the industry on a path of best practice in remote auditing.
Mike McKay, President/CEO
SQA Services, Inc.

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Supplier Assessment Questionnaire

January 19, 2021

Background on Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Pharmaceutical manufacturers and industry suppliers recognize the inefficiency and waste of resources when each individual pharmaceutical company creates its own supplier assessment questionnaire. Suppliers routinely exhaust valuable resources continuously completing […]

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