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Remote Auditing – A Supplier Perspective

Although remote auditing has been in existence for quite a while the practice has become more prevalent and expanded with the recent onset of COVID-19. With public health or other emergencies that could cause risk to auditor safety, or regional governments imposing travel restrictions affecting the ability to perform on-site audits, a contingency process needed to be put in place.

Remote auditing remains a valid and systematic approach to evaluating an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency, performed not by a physical check but by remote observation, using various technologies and tools that have been developed for increased remote conferencing and meetings. Examples of these technologies and information systems could include Zoom, Webex and Google Glass.

This paper focuses on supplier audits and how remote audits impact the supplier. The perspective of the supplier with respect to remote audits is an important piece of the puzzle as to what the supplier audit landscape will look like in the future, even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

This paper is intended as a supplement to the Rx-360 Best Practice in Remote Audit Guide.

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