Get ahead of changing brand protection and supply chain strategies

Session 1:  Strategic Approach to Brand Protection and Security Chain Integrity
1:00-4:30p ET – October 31, 2023

Session 2:  Applied Practices of Brand Protection and Supply Chain Integrity within Pharma
1:00-3:00p ET – November 7, 2023

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Participants Will Learn:

  • Increase understanding of brand protection
  • Improve awareness of product counterfeiting and its associated issues
  • Identify and describe principles of a total business solution for brand protection
  • Recognize key components of an effective brand protection program
  • Understand how opportunity feeds brand infringement
  • Appreciate how risk shapes brand protection programs
  • Improve knowledge regarding options for protecting brands
  • Realize how brand protection strategies are implemented in practice
  • Discover nuances of brand protection in the pharmaceutical industry
  • See the value of an evidence-based, proactive, strategic and comprehensive approach to protecting intellectual property

Who should attend?

Pharma Industry professionals with a direct connection (oversight, strategy, execution, etc.) to brand protection, supply chain management, quality & supply chain security

Complete 70% of the course and receive a Certificate of Completion from the the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

How much is the course?

  • The investment required for Rx-360 Members is $1500.
  • Non-Members will be $3000.

The course will be led by Professor Jeremy Wilson, PhD
Learn more about Jeremy here.