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Good Distribution & Warehouse Practices for Warehouse & Transportation Suppliers in LATAM

The warehousing and distribution of regulated medical products is a very important part of the supply chain from manufacturer to the patient. Various separate entities are responsible for the storage and shipping of these products from point A to point B. It is important that during the distribution process that the integrity of the regulated product is maintained. This integrity includes but is not limited to any environmental or physical conditions that the products must be kept at to ensure they arrive to the patient in an appropriate viable condition. This paper focuses on the requirements for warehousing and distributing regulated medical products within Latin America.

This document sets the guidelines for the proper warehousing and distribution of regulated medical products within Latin America in compliance with Good Distribution Practices. This document does not cover materials that are not regulated for medical use.

Download the zipped folder and receive both an English version and a fully-translated Spanish document as well.