Meet The Board: Bill Campagna, Eli Lilly and Company

Bill Campagna is the Senior Director of Quality for Procurement and Operations for Eli Lilly and Company; and he’s passionate about serving on Rx-360’s Board of Directors.

“I’m proud to be part of Rx-360’s Board of Directors because I believe in the consortium’s mission of protecting patient safety by sharing information and developing processes to improve the integrity of the health care supply chain and the quality of its materials,” said Campagna. “And it’s an honor to work with my colleagues and industry peers to further this cause.”

Since joining Eli Lilly, he has held roles in manufacturing quality, global auditing, compliance, and external manufacturing. Campagna is recognized as an expert in supplier and material management.

“Rx-360 complements our audit strategy by serving as a trusted partner that we can rely on to help us reduce our audit burden,” he said. “The level of confidentiality Rx-360 offers throughout the entire audit experience is second to none, and the value that the members-only Credit Program provides is exceptional.”

Campagna has worked in the pharmaceutical space for nearly 20 years, and he appreciates how Rx-360 brings him and his industry peers together. “What I love most about Rx-360 are the partnerships forged through its members-only Working Groups,” he said. “Seeing people from across the industry collaborating with one another to share best practices, write white papers, and develop questionnaires — all in the name of patient safety — is invaluable.”