Meet The Board: Kate Silva, MilliporeSigma

Kate Silva is the Head of Quality Management Systems and Audits for MilliporeSigma. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the global life science framework for compliance with quality, regulatory, and industry standards. Kate also serves as Secretary on Rx-360’s Board of Directors.

“Rx-360 provides MilliporeSigma, and me, with the opportunity to interact with other suppliers and manufacturers, to build relationships, and to share concerns and best practices,” said Silva. “The members-only Working Groups allow us to participate in advocacy, develop materials to support the community and be at the forefront of new and emerging therapeutic treatments and trends.”

Reflecting on the benefits that MilliporeSigma derives from Rx-360 as a member of the consortium, Silva said, “The primary value Rx-360 brings to our organization is through the Audit Operations Group. Over the past several years, the Rx-360 Joint Audit Program® has become central to our manufacturing sites by allowing customers to license reports rather than conduct an audit, saving all involved valuable time and resources.” She added, “Rx-360 has become so valuable to MilliporeSigma that some customers will accept materials from our expanded manufacturing footprint solely based on an Rx-360 audit. In addition, our participation in the Working Groups, whitepapers, and other activities allows us to be a driver in the development of these items.”

Silva sees her role on the Rx-360 board as a unique opportunity to have a positive influence. “Being on the Rx-360 board means I am a key stakeholder in the direction of the organization,” she said. “Since I first became the representative for MilliporeSigma, I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous growth and development of Rx-360.  I am very proud of what the consortium has accomplished in recent years, that I have been part of that renewal, and that I can help shape the future of Rx-360 through my involvement on the Board of Directors.”