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Rx-360 Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Supply Chain Security Management System Version 2.0

Protecting patients is the obligation of the pharmaceutical industry and is fundamental to our business. Supply Chain Security (SCS) is the prevention, detection, and response to intentional adulteration, theft, counterfeit, and diversion that threaten patient safety. These threats have been on the rise for over a decade.  Especially considering the supply chain is becoming increasingly complex and more global.  An integrated approach to managing security risk across the supply chain is needed. Through the open collaboration of Rx-360 companies, the SCS Initiative seeks to improve the practices of security across the industry and its supply chain. The objective of this white paper is to share the concept of a comprehensive management system that can provide a common perspective and set the foundation of a maturity model that will drive the measurable and sustainable improvement of these practices. This white paper was updated in 2019 to give more recent examples and to update the body of the document.