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Supply Chain Mapping Spreadsheet


This tool allows you to map your supply chain. The template has been developed in word document so that you can summarize the material handling steps from manufacture to owner:

  • List each party involved, along with the address, role, activities, mode of transport, delivery location name and address.
  • Include steps conducted by all primary and alternate providers such as transporters, subcontract facilities, and distributors/brokers.
  • If multiple site addresses and/or supply chains routes are present, this form must be completed to document each site’s supply chain for providing material
  • Additional lines may be added to the table as necessary.

Background of Template:

The template was designed to compliment the Upstream Supply Chain Security . This white paper addresses pharmaceutical raw materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), excipients), starting materials for APIs and excipients, process materials, primary direct contact materials (bags, filters, tubing), and primary packaging materials. This white paper also discusses parties involved in the chain of custody or GxP services (i.e., sterilizers, contract lab services, warehouses, and logistics (including 3rd-party providers)).

This white paper will not discuss medical devices and secondary packaging materials. This white paper will also not discuss facilities services, including maintenance, housekeeping, and pest control.

We recommend downloading the white paper to help you give context into the template and better maximize your success!