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Our organization complements local measures impacting the life sciences and medical device industries that are being implemented by legislators, regulators and other organizations, with the goal of achieving consistent supply chain standards worldwide.

Our Process

Through the collaborative efforts of our member companies, designated work groups and staff we provide opportunities for representatives from diverse backgrounds to become highly engaged to continually improve quality issues around patient safety and supply chain integrity. We do this by:

Our goal is to always improve transparency and integrity.
Rx-360 members have access to valuable content to stay informed.
Providing member networking and bench marking opportunities, webinars and events that bring the best of industry ideas together.

Bringing Industry Leaders Together to Protect Patients Worldwide

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Frequently Asked Questions
Rx-360 is described as a consortium since our organization is led by manufacturers and suppliers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who volunteer to enhance the security of pharmaceutical supply chains. Together, we work to ensure that quality and authenticity are valued above all else.
Yes, Rx-360 is currently formed as a 501(c6).
Yes, Rx-360 is an international supply chain consortium that works globally with specific working groups in China, Africa and India.
A Working Group is a member only based team that is assembled to address a defined objective that is based around the Rx-360 Mission. Our Working Groups are formed with the goal of benchmarking through discussion or developing industry best practices that are released for publication.
Yes, Rx-360 has collaborated with ISPE to offer our members premium access to in classroom training. Additional info can be obtained by calling 1-888-218-1164.