How We’re Improving the Supply Chain of Pharmaceutical Products

Our Auditing Program and Licensed Audit Reports

Members have access to Rx-360’s Joint Audit Program, which minimizes on-site audits for suppliers, streamlines audit function efficiency, and improves audit quality and thoroughness using industry resources. All ongoing audits are viewable in real-time and all audit reports generated through the Rx-360 Audit Program can be utilized by licensees.

How We Identify Supply Chain Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Supply chains have become more global, complex and increasingly vulnerable to adulteration and counterfeiting. To combat this, Rx-360 has increased its focus on strong partnerships between pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the integrity of supply chains through on-site auditing. The audit process is completely transparent to members, showcasing supplier and sponsor review and critical audit findings to flag any potential issues.

Since Our inception, we’ve worked across the globe


How We Deliver Greater Pharma Patient Safety

Rx-360 prioritizes patient safety by gathering industry peers to share ideas in a confidential environment, improve knowledge base and preparation within the industry, drive industry-wise standards and guidelines, identify and mitigate global supply chain risks, and improve audit quality and thoroughness. Join the movement today.


Member Organizations

Case Studies

AOG-Remote Audits

Imelda Meyer-Wilmes, MilliporeSigma

Remote Audits instead of on-site audit due to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions


Underlying Benefits of Working Groups

Daniel Ewald, Boehringer Ingelheim

Expansion of DI knowledge