Cargo Theft in the Pharmaceutical Industry – What Does it Really Cost?

January 17, 2017

Introduction Most modern pharmaceutical supply chains are complex, global, outsourced, and decentralized. In addition, many supply chains are vulnerable to security risks, ranging from thefts to malicious product tampering. Successful security professionals articulate and prove […]


Upstream Supply Chain Mapping

April 18, 2016

Introduction:  This white paper reviews the present state of how the pharmaceutical industry maps its upstream raw material supply chain and the associated challenges that accompany it. Specifically, this paper aims to cover the following: […]


Upstream Supply Chain Security

April 14, 2014

Purpose and Scope: This white paper reviews the present state, current challenges, and recommended best practices for several upstream supply chain security topics. The “upstream supply chain” refers to any part of the supply chain […]


Counterfeit, Unapproved and Diverted Drugs Threats & Monitoring Process

May 18, 2012

Introduction and Overview: The distribution and sales of Counterfeit, Unapproved and Diverted Drugs (CUDD) are a global concern for pharmaceutical patients, health care professionals, regulators and manufacturers. Counterfeit drugs are not equivalent to the genuine […]