Jaye Greene

Director of Quality (Joint Audit Program)

With nearly 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Jaye is an integral part of Rx-360’s leadership team. Understanding first-hand the challenges of hosting audits, she appreciates the consortium’s ability to reduce the audit burden for suppliers and manufacturers and she feels real satisfaction helping the industry in this way. More robust and refined than ever, the Rx-360 Credit Program is something that motivates Jaye because it is a great example of how the consortium stimulates reciprocity for members. Jaye’s team of dedicated audit and quality personnel make a significant impact for Rx-360 every day, and she is inspired working alongside them. Analytical, strategic, and dependable, Jaye continues to make an indelible mark on Rx-360 and all who participate in its programs. Jaye can be reached at jgreene@rx-360.org.