Jennifer Stone (Vice Chair)

SVP, Quality, PTC Therapeutics

After receiving her degree in biology, Jennifer started her career manufacturing vaccines for a small start-up which was soon acquired by Baxter. In her ten years at Baxter, she served in many roles, including a small stint in process development, and finally in quality.

Jennifer then spent some time with the FDA working on compliance cases including warning letters and consent decrees. She was involved in the Ben Venue consent decree and the Johnson and Johnson phantom recall, consent decree and government oversight committee meetings. After leaving the FDA, she worked with Sanofi as their Head of Audits, Americas, but spent most of her time in the Sanofi vaccine facilities in France and Canada, helping to alleviate a warning letter and then in Germany helping with the launch of several combination products.

Immediately prior to joining PTC, Jennifer was the VP of Quality for the biologics business unit for Patheon, now ThermoFisher. She was responsible for manufacturing sites in Australia, Europe and the US, manufacturing phase I to commercial products. Jennifer has also completed an MBA from the University of Maryland.