Reggie Jackson

Supply Chain Security Program Leader, Pfizer

Reggie Jackson is a Product Monitoring Lead from Pfizer. In this role, he manages Pfizer’s Supply Chain Security program. This program seeks to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents in the legitimate supply chain of Pfizer products all over the world. These security incidents include counterfeiting, theft, product diversion, fraud and tampering among other things.

Reggie is currently on the Board of Directors for Rx-360 and serves as the co-chair of the Supply Chain Security Steering Committee, where he interacts and collaborates with other pharmaceutical companies to understand and provide guidance to industry requirements and standards. He also has spoken at a variety of conferences on the tenets of a good supply chain security program. Reggie has worked for Pfizer for 20 years in a variety of manufacturing and quality roles. He has worked in the supply chain security program for 6 years. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Management from NC State University. He resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.