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The scope of the Data Integrity Work Group includes education and information sharing on risk management, identification, control, investigation, and mitigation of data integrity issues, with a focus on the supply chain and related supply chain considerations.

The Data Integrity Work Group is currently working on:

  • Appendices to the Data Integrity Audit Manual – Selection and GMP Auditing of Software and Hardware Vendors
    • This is one of many appendices that will be posted by this group. Please contact Brittany Doody ( if you are interested in joining.
  • This group has also posted a living Data Integrity Library. This library is a collection of up to date publications associated with the topic of data governance and data integrity.  The collection is divided into four main groups with each of those further subdivided by country or topic.  The intent is to maintain this as a living collection with frequent updates.

Below is the most recent work from the Data Integrity Work Group:

Rx-360 GMP Audit Manual – Data Governance and Data Integrity

If you are interested in joining this Work Group please contact Brittany Doody (