Anti-Counterfeiting in the Pharma Supply Chain

One of the most prevalent and harmful problems in the pharma supply chain is the threat of counterfeiting. In fact, since 2018, counterfeiting has been the largest criminal enterprise in the world. Counterfeiting can lead to significant harm to patients and can damage a company’s reputation. 

One way to address this common problem is by joining a pharmaceutical consortium dedicated to supply chain integrity and patient safety. A consortium is an association of two or more companies with a common objective of participating in an activity and pooling resources to achieve a common goal. Like a peer to peer group, individuals work together to better themselves and their companies. By working together, peer group members can develop and implement effective strategies to combat counterfeiting and other security threats and enhance supply chain security, and ultimately patient safety.

Pharmaceutical supply chain consortiums support anti-counterfeiting efforts by improving supply chain visibility. Consortium members can share information and data on the movement of products through the supply chain.

Pharmaceutical supply chain consortiums also work to enhance collaboration and communication between different stakeholders in the supply chain. By bringing together manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders, consortiums can improve coordination and ensure that everyone is working towards common goals.


A Pharma Forum Dedicated to Supply Chain Security 

Rx-360 is a nonprofit international consortium which addresses pharmaceutical and medical device supply chain security in relation to public health concerns and patient safety. The consortium works closely with its members to develop and implement best practices for supply chain security, including guidelines for auditing suppliers and risk assessment tools.

Rx-360 is a valuable resource for pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to improve their supply chain security and enhance collaboration with other industry stakeholders. By providing a forum for members to share information and best practices, Rx-360 is helping to create a more secure and reliable pharmaceutical supply chain.


An Auditing Program Focused on Supply Chain Security 

Audits are just one of the ways to protect supply chain security. The pharmaceutical industry is required to audit suppliers and manufacturers through either on-site audits or remote/hybrid audits that became more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • On-site audits involve seeing the raw materials and/or equipment in person to ensure the supplies are high quality. 
  • Remote auditing is a systemic approach to evaluating an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. It is performed by remote observation, using various technology tools that could include Zoom, Webex and Google Glass.

According to a Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News interview with Rx-360 CEO Jim Fries, pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers cannot let their guards down on supply chain integrity. “It’s human nature after going through a period of hyper-focus to take a breath and relax, but my message to the industry is to stay focused to avoid a downtick in quality,” says Fries. 

Rx-360 helps reduce their audit burden by not only providing audit best practices, but also The Rx-360 Joint Audit Program®. Our audit program is designed as a unique approach to executing new audits and/or licensing already completed audit reports. The program is open to all manufacturers and suppliers within the pharmaceutical industry. Rx-360 Members can receive discounts for services within the program, as well as specialized reports, access to the auditsPlus® Database, and inclusion in the Credit Program.

Supply Chain Security Work Groups 

Another way to solve common problems in supply chain security is through joining a Supply Chain Security Work Group. Rx-360 offers the Supply Chain Security Steering Committee. Their goal is to identify common gaps in the supply chain. Supply chain security knowledge or practice that can be best addressed through collaboration by Consortium members and represent the biggest opportunity to improve patient safety and product integrity.

If you are interested in joining this Working Group please contact us at


Content Assets for the Supply Chain 

With support from our working groups, Rx-360 has created over 40 free resources, including whitepapers, guides, and podcast episodes that are all dedicated to supply chain security. View our content library

Publications include: 

  • Rx-360 Guidance And Best Practices For Raw Material Supply Chain Security For Cell And Gene Therapies. 
  • Rx-360 Understanding The Threat Of Illicit Medicines: An Overview Of Counterfeit, Tampered, Unapproved And Diverted Pharmaceuticals
  • Rx-360 Supply Chain Security White Paper: Incident Management Version 2.0


Rx-360 Membership

Rx-360 offers superior value, support, and services to our members to ensure patient safety. As a peer to peer group, Rx-360 facilitates collaboration between companies. Members experience the following benefits:

  • Working & Discussion Groups
  • Joint Audit Program Access
  • Robust Resource Library
  • Actionable Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

Working & Discussion Groups

Members can join exclusive, confidential Working and Discussion Groups that target their needs and interests. They can also access peer benchmarking opportunities, networking and other confidential-based interactions.

Joint Audit Program Access

Members can participate in the Rx-360 Joint Audit Program, which includes discounts on audit licenses, opportunities to co-sponsor audits, and a unique credit program that helps organizations save on audit costs. 

Robust Resource Library

Members can access over 10 years of curated resources that include whitepapers and guides written by Rx-360 Working Groups, templates and tools, and fillable questionnaires to use in your organizations. Members can also help create and publish relevant content.

Actionable Corporate Social Responsibility 

As a nonprofit, Rx-360 contributes to member organizations’ corporate social responsibility efforts, aiding them to operate in an economically and socially sustainable manner.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Members get unparalleled customer service from our growing and dedicated internal Rx-360 team.


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